June 8, 2020

one77: The Show Must be Paused

Open letter to one77 Music writers and our community:

There are very few words that I as a white woman can use to express the devastation our expanded community is feeling. I can only speak from my heart at the devastation I feel as a mother, a friend and as a human.

Tomorrow (and always) one77 Music will be joining united with the rest of our civilized music community to support #theshowmustbepaused in response to Black Tuesday. We will PAUSE our business for Tuesday, June 2 so that I and our employees have the freedom to stand up, speak out and focus on something greater than our work…. Humanity, Life, Equality and Freedom (H.E.L.F). This is not a day off for us. Our staff has individually vowed to use the day to gather peacefully in protest where appropriate, to be verbal in our social media activity and to speak with our loved ones, associates and community members about Humanity, Equality, Life and Freedom.

While this is not the only way to stand up to injustice, it is at the very least a demonstration that we are listening, we are seeing and most of all that we care not just about our creators but about our collective humanity. It is important to recognize that we in the music industry have a special responsibility to address issues of systemic racism and injustice. Music is the soundtrack to our lives… the sorrows, the joys, the destruction and devastation, the social consciousness and the hope. We encourage each of you to use your voice to be constructive, to be intolerant of racism and injustice but do to so in a way that can make a brick wall listen….through your music.

With love and respect,

Jennifer Blakeman, with Adam Kryzan and Ashleigh Smith